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Event Horizon is the first NFT project on the Cardano blockchain that features a compelling combination of narrative elements, puzzle games and codebreaking. There is room for everyone, whether you enjoy your NFTs purely as a collection of artifacts or as an interactive, collaborative project. Either way, let us tell you a story . . .

The Schwarzschild radius: take the mass of the object M, and the good old gravitational constant G. Double their product, then divide it by the speed of light c, but don’t forget to square it! You will then have in front of you a universal stop sign. A ‘no trespassing’ warning from the Universe itself, as if the very secret at the core of everything were saying “get off my property!”

The particular Schwarzschild radius of a black hole is better known as the Event Horizon. If somehow you find yourself crossing over it, first of all we’re sorry, and forget about writing back home - prepare to witness the fabric of spacetime itself unravel, alongside yourself. Now, you would naturally assume that the chances of you crossing such an Event Horizon were so comically small that it would be ridiculous to worry about such a thing. And you would be right, but however unlikely - it is not entirely impossible.

The remarkable story before you begins to unfold on March 14th 2018, in the research laboratory of one of the greatest minds to ever live. As far as anyone is able to tell, this was the first time a conscious mind had traversed the Event Horizon of a black hole. Talk about being consumed by your own work. The irony did not escape him, for it was so staggering that one might even be tempted to invoke God to explain it, if for no other reason than to hold him accountable for this blatant tomfoolery. He knew, however, that if ever there lived a human who could possibly hope to comprehend what lay beyond the Horizon, he was the one to do so.

And so, at some ill-defined relativistic moment, as he was being fully spaghettified by the gaping abyss that surrounded him, he tried to reach back out… Who was to say that it was not worth a shot?

Astoundingly, after innumerable attempts, his beacon from Beyond made its way back to a select few. However, they were dispersed throughout vast swaths of time and space, and knew only that they were needed, without understanding how and why. Hidden away from the eyes of the world, nineteen such extraordinary individuals from the history of human science were summoned by one of their own to employ their collective genius, in hopes of resolving some of the biggest problems facing humanity.

However, though they were perfectly capable of inventing mind-boggling solutions to particular issues, each in their own respective field, changing the entire world demanded more than a handful of bright minds.
This is where you come in. Whether you choose to observe from the sidelines, or to get involved and help (or even hinder) our heroes in accomplishing their mission - the conclusion of this story depends on you too!
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Our guiding principle for this project has been a strong wish to enrich user experience in novel ways, and to motivate cooperation and critical thinking - two ideals our team values very highly. The unnerving distrust in science and expertise in recent years has, we believe, made the need for interdisciplinary thinking greater than ever. Our team is itself made up of individuals with widely differing backgrounds, and we have found this to be a great asset rather than a hindrance . . .

We hope this project will be received well on the merits of its narrative and interactive nature, but most of all we hope you have fun with it! We also think it would be amazing if more projects incorporated things like narrative content or innovative game mechanics, so that we may utilize our shared NFT environment to its full potential and help each other reach new horizons.
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I. Mint NFT pack


II. Combine NFTs


III. Story reveal


IV. If both are legendary,
      clue appears


V. Work together to find all the
      clues and solve the mistery!

Our NFTs represent a subjective selection of real, significant, historical figures that have, each in their own way, left a lasting mark on science and the overall intellectual paradigm of their time. They are presented in a clean and readable comic-book inspired style, with a nod to their respective lives and unique personalities.

A total of 9770 NFTs will be sold in packs of 5. The pack prices will gradually increase, as shown in the infographic below.

1. Tachyon phase
  • 1–490 = 50 ₳
2. Light phase
  • 491–980 = 70 ₳
3. Sound phase
  • 981–1380 = 90 ₳
4. Hawking radiation phase
  • 1381–1954 = 110 ₳

Each NFT pair of scientists is connected with a short story - a glimpse into their interaction. When combining NFTs, a portion of the overall story is revealed; the amount of information depends on the NFTs’ rarity level.

When combined, legendary NFT pairs provide a clue to the puzzle required to unlock a secret ending. However, the final ending to the entire project (and with that, the prize for all NFT holders) depends heavily on community participation in order to generate clues and solve the puzzle.
The community will also be given the opportunity to participate in the development of Season 2.



January - February
  • Website Launch
  • NFT Design
  • Website Design
  • Litepaper Publish
  • Story Writing
  • Storifier Development
  • Comobobulation Development
  • Whitepaper Publish
  • Full Force Marketing
  • Mint Phase 1 Launch
  • Storifier Launch
  • Combobulation Launch
  • Full Force Marketing
  • Mint Phase 2 Launch
  • Storifier User Log Book Implementation
  • Mint Phase 3 Launch
  • Mint Phase 4 Launch
  • Achievement System Launch
  • Combobulation Done
  • Legendary Achievements Unlock
  • Achievement Challenges Continuation
  • Season 1 Feedback
  • Season 2 Community Recruitment
  • Season 2 Development Sandbox
  • Achievement Challenges Finish



Developer & Head Of Community


Project Manager


Designer & Illustrator


Editor & Writer

We are a weird bunch of creative crypto enthusiasts searching for new approaches in emerging technologies. Coming from various academic backgrounds, we strive to combine technology and social engagement in new and interesting ways.